3 January 2017


Vrndavana Powell


If I forget, 

may I always remember


I surrender,

I surrender,

I surrender to you.


Countless lives have come to pass,

Nothing but misery seems to last


A life lost in material gain,

Endless confusion

Woven through pain


And when at last the towers fell,

I felt the heat of flames,

Rising from the depths of hell


Held within the hands of man,

Burning skies above a ravaged land


And from those flames I heard you speak

In a symphony of voices,

Angels weep


Tears in celestial harmony


I ask,

My dear friend, do you remember me?


With words falling like gentle rain 

from your sacred lips pressed


I close my eyes 

to receive the kiss

Of transcendence


Silent bliss.


Please accept this humble offering,

For, in the movement of surrender lies

Under no false pretense or guise

The beauty of your lotus eyes.


I surrender

I surrender

I surrender to you.